Fees and Charges for the scholatic year 2021/2022

Fees and charges for the scholastic year 2021/2022
Enrolment Fee K-6
(non refundable)
€ 850,00
School fees (including lunch service)
Kindergarten€ 6.500,00
Transition€ 6.700,00
Elementary School
Classes 1- 6
€ 7.950,00
Italian lessons for state exams
(from Class 2)
€ 1.200,00
5a Elementare Italian State Exam Fee€ 100,00
Homework Programme 3:15pm- 4:14pm (Monday - Thursday)
Only for Class 1 - 6
€ 1050,00
School Bus Service (includes a VAT surcharge)
Both ways€ 2.500,00
One way€ 1.750,00


New children entering the school must pay the first school term fee instalment together with the enrolment fee. Enrolment fee and the first school term fee are not refundable.

A discount of 50% for 3rd child is available on transport fees for the Both Ways service.

A discount is granted, on school fees only, of Euro 240,00 per annum to 2nd children and of Euro 495,00 per annum to 3rd and subsequent children.

Fees are payable in 3 equal instalments on the first school day of the month of September, December and April. Those who wish to pay by bank transfer may ask the school for the bank details.

Any balance overdue by more than 15 days from the date of the statement of account will be assessed a penalty charge of 1% per month. If a student’s fees remain unpaid 30 days after the statement has been sent, the school reserves itself the right to suspend the student until full payment is made.
The enrolment and school fees must be paid net of any banking, transfer or other commissions and charges.

The re-registration fee is €450,00 for the following academic year. The re-registration fee will be deducted from the first term’s fees only if paid before the given deadline and if all yearly fees have been settled by the end of May.